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Norfolk, Taverham Hundred, Horstead cum Staninghall, Parish Information, 2001

Document Reference: Survey Description

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: May 09, 2001

Horstead is located about 8 miles NNE of Norwich and 6 miles SE of Aylsham.

Horstead lies on the River Bure, its largely unaltered church stands back from the Buxton Road. The village used to have two mills, neither of which now stands. The windmill stood on the left of the Buxton Road as you leave the village. The more well known watermill (there's an exellent photo taken by Francis Frith in the 19th century - though wrongly labelled as Coltishall Mill) was by the road leading south to Heggatt Street - an outlying hamlet. The watermill burnt down in the 1960's. The Recruiting Sergeant PH still does a good trade near the bridge over the Bure. The parish of Stanninghall was absorbed into the parish and the remains of the old church there stands next to Stanninghall Farm 1½ miles south of Horstead.

To get to Horstead from Norwich, follow the B1150 North, through Catton and Crostwick to Horstead.

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