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Norfolk, St. Faiths District, Horsham St.Faith cum Newton, Parish Information, 1786-1789

Document Reference: Settlement examinations at Horsham

Transcribed by: Pat Mason
Date Added: October 07, 2001

Persons mentioned below: ADAMS, HOLDER, SIELY, WOODCOCK

Settlement Examinations

Original Documents in the care of the Norfolk Record Office

James HOLDER labourer of Newton St Faiths, 12.11.1786, hired himself to William SIELY of Hainford about 6 yrs since for one whole year, was given leave the day after entering service on account of being taken suddenly with a lameness. Returned within a week.

Paul ADAMS, worstead weaver, of St Faiths Newton, June 1789, aged about 27yrs of age, born within the parish of St Faiths, where his father resided under a certificate from Kirby Bedon and has been informed and believes that about the age of 11yrs, 9 yrs after the death of his father, he was bound apprentice to Peter WOODCOCK, worstead weaver of St Faiths for 7yrs, Which time he duly served, the sum of £4 or thereabouts was given as a condition for this apprenticeship

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