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Norfolk, St. Faiths District, Horsham St.Faith cum Newton, Parish Information, 1705-1775

Document Reference: Settlement Certificates - many names mentioned

Transcribed by: Pat Mason
Date Added: October 07, 2001

Original Documents are in the care of the Norfolk Record Office

Settlement Certificates

Original Documents are in the care of Norfolk Record Office

John ALLEN & Martha his wife are legally settled in Horsford 28.02.1755

Robert TOMPSON ( worstead weaver) & Garthred his wife legally settled in Horsford 06.04.1763

Robert MAYES (worstead weaver) & Amy his wife, John his son are legally settled in Beeston St Andrews 21.09.1771

Robert FOSTER, Rose his wife & James their son legally settled in Mannington 01.03.1774

William BAKER (labourer) Sarah his wife, William, Sarah, Benjamin their children legally settled in Freethorpe 10.11.1775

John WATTS, Sarah his wife, Sarah & William their children are legally settled in Haynford 14.04.1705

John BOWMAN, Frances his wife, Frances & Mary their children are legally settled in Cawston 30.09.1747

Thomas HUNT (worstead weaver) Mary his wife, Mathias, William, Elizabeth, Mary & Margaret settlement certificate from Spixworth 16.02.1773

…….TAYLOR , Ann his wife, Ann , Susannah & Elizabeth his children certificate issued by Duffield Norfolk, legal settlement there 18.10.1764

William FIDDY, Mary his wife, William & Edmund their sons are legally settled in Marsham (if they become chargeable to St Faiths) (no date fragment of paper)

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