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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Cawston, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1784

The original register may be viewed at the NRO who also sell fiches of the registers, copies are also available for use at LDS centres.

Transcribed by: Rose French
Date Added: December 09, 2001
Previous Year: 1783
Next Year: 1785

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
BROOKS JamesSusannah

NICHOLSON HenryHenry & Elizabeth

THAXTER ElizabethJohn & Martha

WRIGHT JohnWilliam & Sarah

WRIGHT SarahThomas & Elizabeth

LOWN JohnThomas & Elizabeth

JOICE ThomasJames & Elizabeth

VOUT JamesMary

CARMAN JohnJames & Elizabeth

DAYLE or DOYLE HenriettaThomas & Sarah

SKIPPER MaryBenjamin & Elizabeth

DEWING WilliamJohn & Ann

BARRETT MichaelMatthew & Sarah

MOPPITT HesterRobert & Hester

SMITH WilliamHenry & Christian

TUDMAN JamesStephen & Elizabeth

THURLOW ElizabethThomas & Sarah


WODEHOUSE MarySamuel & Susannah

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