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Norfolk, Forehoe District, Hingham, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1723

Document Reference: LDS Microfilm # 1526135

The original registers are in the care of the NRO from whom copies on fiches may be purchased. The registers may also be seen on microfilm at Mormon Church (LDS) centres. Contiguous parishes areSouthburgh, Hardingham, Hackford, Deopham, Great Ellingham, Little Hingham, Scoulton, Wood Rising.

Transcribed by: Bonnie Ostler
Date Added: October 11, 2000
Previous Year: 1722
Next Year: 1724

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
ALCOCK, SarahJohn

SOUTER, EasterEdward

RAWIN, JohnJohn

STIMPSON, ThomasStephen

BROWN, ElleanorJohn

BETTS, SarahJohn

FIDDY, JohnWilliam

MAN, ElizabethDaniel

SKEPPER, Nelly,John

BATTERBY, BenjaminChristopher

ROLL, ThomasThomas

DIVER, WilliamWilliam


REYNOLDS, JohnJoseph

HARPER, JohnJohn Junior


SALTER, EdmundEdmund

SPURN, AnnMatthew

CARTER, RobertRobert

SKEPPER, JohnSamuel

BUSHELL, ElizabethJoseph

COGMAN, BridgetJohn


GOOCH, JohnWilliam

BALDWIN, JohnEdward

GRISSON, SarahThomas

RUDRAM, JohnJohn

BENNY, JohnWilliam

HENRY, Leminy sonRobert

HARMAN, Timothy + AnnTimothy

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